Cordless hall platforms for better warehouse orientation

Do you need help with life-threatening high-altitude work?  But do you want to buy your own machine for expensive money?  We offer rental of some of our forklift assembly work!  This technical assistant will relieve you of all the worries and make your work much easier!

The platforms are widely used both in exteriors and interiors.  Environmentally friendly battery-powered platforms are the most suitable for indoor use while one of our diesel off-road machines is the ideal choice for outdoor work.  Between our platforms you can choose from different designs and different height variations according to your work.

Great choice

You can choose the platforms according to the type of work for which you will use them.  We offer you a wide selection of scissor variations as well as articulated versions whether they are self-propelled or automotive and towing.  We will transport them to your destination.


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