Rental cottage

Do you want to go on vacation but have privacy?  So don't waste your time looking for a guesthouse and head out to one of the many beautiful cottages all over the Czech Republic.  You can find the My Chats site exactly where you want it.

This small company will arrange for you to rent a cottage in a short time and with a very small commission so you will get the cheapest offers here!  Do you want to go to the mountains get to know the beauty of South Bohemia or the wine region of Moravia?  All you need is to rent a cottage!


Ordinary cottages will cost you about CZK 1000 per person for the whole week more equipped cottages which include among other things a hot tub or swimming pool cost around CZK 2000 to 3000 per person per week.  However if you want to experience a week of comfort and undisturbed entertainment these luxury cottages are right for you.

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