The platforms get everywhere!

Without it, working at height is lengthy and dangerous. Hydraulic lifting from M / S Elektro will become your best at height.

Owning a platform is not a simple and inexpensive matter at all. Therefore, it is better to borrow the platform in a company with a lot of experience and more than ten years of tradition. The best platform rental on the Czech market is undoubtedly the company M / S Elektro. She uses these in her work, so the workers know all the platforms perfectly and can work with them 100%. Almost all of them stand in the garage, covered in rain or snow. They are regularly checked for technical condition and ready to go to work at any time.

For example, the AVIA MP 13 car platform measures 13.4m, the turn is unlimited and the maximum load capacity of the basket is 225kg. Car platforms are powered from the car, and you will be offered a full service + platform presentation.

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