Wearing Contact Lenses Safely and Effectively

Contact lenses are an adaptable vision care solution. They allow individuals to see clearly without the hassle of bulky glasses. Some people enjoy them because they are active in sports. Then, others like them because they simply prefer a glasses-free look. Whatever the motivation for wearing lenses, there are some simple steps to ensure that they are being used safely and effectively.

Practice Good Hand Hygiene

Take the time to wash and dry hands well before putting lenses in or taking them out. Avoid using cream soaps, as they tend to leave a film that can stick to the contact lenses. In general, avoid rubbing eyes with fingers, as this can transfer bacteria and dirt to the lenses.

Clean the Lenses

Those who have multi-use lenses instead of dailies will need to clean them each night. This is a simple process that involves applying a saline solution and rubbing the lenses gently before having them soak overnight. Each type of lens has its own instructions tailored to them. So, pay close attention to the instructions specified for the particular type.

Have Glasses as a Backup

Sometimes the eyes can dry out from flying on a plane or there are times when the eyes get infected. In these situations, wearing contact lenses will not be comfortable. This is why it is good to have a pair of glasses on hand. Sometimes the eyes just need a rest from the contacts too.

Invest in Good Products

Go ahead and invest in the good saline solution that is recommended by the eye doctor. Never use homemade mixes or tap water. These can actually damage the lenses and harm the eyes. Also, use a proper storage case designed for the type of lenses being used.

Take Out at Night

Contact lenses build up bacteria during the course of the day. It is critical to take them out and clean them thoroughly before bed.

Don’t Wear in Water

When summer fun sets in, make sure that the lenses come out before diving in the pool or ocean. Bodies of water are filled with germs and chemicals. If it isn’t possible to remove them, make sure to wear swim goggles for protection.

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