They are monochromatic or brightly colored

Luceo has been manufacturing kitchen doors for over 13 years.  So if you are thinking that you would like to change your kitchen contact us with confidence and without any worries.

When you buy from us you can be sure that the door will be of good quality.  The products you can buy with us will last a long time.  It depends on your taste your preferences your finances and other equipment of the apartment the choice of your door.

Our offer
Of course we have very popular foil lacquered acrylic or massive doors in our offer.  Dozens of colors dozens of types.  Choose from the comfort of your home on our website we have everything clearly arranged everything well-photographed so that you can easily and with care.


Christmas is coming and you are thinking about a suitable gift.  Which way?  Nowadays a very needed thing for the household.  Who today does not suffer from back pain and cervical spine?  Just 30 minutes in the whirlpool and you'll be new.  And not only you.  Your whole family will appreciate this gift.  You'll have it right now at home.

Really!  Whirlpool can massage your body as the best masseur.  Do you have a stiff spine do you have a headache or feel heavy legs?  All this can be removed by our hot tub. The warm water in the bath relaxes the stiffness of the muscles reduces muscle and joint spasms helps to increase circulation and promotes metabolism.

The whirlpool is made in different types has different parameters and differs in shapes functions number of nozzles.  Our staff will be happy to assist you in your selection.

Function curtains

You will love the curtains from our offer at first sight.  We cannot choose from our offer from our offer of Damitex.  Check out our website and see for yourself the breadth and quality of the offer.
Choose curtains and other decorative or upholstery fabrics for your home in the comfort of your home.  Make your home cosily arrange it to your liking and show your possible visits how great you have the taste of how well you have arranged your home.  They will not believe that you have your curtains and other fabrics bought with us they have received so little money that you bought them this way.

Cozy home for your friends
Tell them about our store tell them about your great purchase at Damitex.  They will be grateful to you and contribute to their satisfaction their more cozy home.

Sales Companies

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur?  Do you have the capital but not enough time to start your business?  Then it will help you to solve everything for you.

As a magic wand we will build a firm on a solid foundation that you can boldly direct to a variety of business areas.  The sale of companies offers the establishment of a limited liability company joint stock companies and prestigious European companies.  You can choose a company that you have already created or have your company set up exactly according to your key.  Of course the sale of companies will arrange everything necessary to register a trade at the Trade Licensing Office bookkeeping and specialists in control and management bodies.  Everything is registered in the Commercial Register.
In good company

If a buyer does not have an initial financial deposit the establishment of the company is not an obstacle.  In addition to the other benefits of saving time and the use of expert experience it is possible to take advantage of the capital offered for initial business.

Floating floors

Do you like wood and a modern house?  Then they are perfect for you!  They are simple to maintain made entirely of natural materials so they are also suitable for allergy sufferers and also look very good and easy to install!
The trend of the last few years

Floating floors have become a trend of the last few years their popularity continues to grow so manufacturers are trying to give customers as many kinds as possible.  You can choose from cherry wood ash acacia or pine.
What are the prices?

For example Plancher offers floating floors from CZK 279 per m2.  Prices depend on material pattern but also on type of design.  Very popular is the rustic pattern for which you pay the most.  But of course the classic patterns of parquet or with a V-shaped joint.

Aroma and great taste – our tea

Each drink has its own specific taste. Tea is a very varied flavor. Tea is a drink of diverse flavors and a beneficial effect on our organism. This is different from many other beverages, whose beneficial effects can be questioned! It is both strong and gentle, soothing and encouraging and even healing. It is very diverse and our offer too. It's perfectly prepared for your diverse tastes!
Which you don't exchange

You will definitely choose from us. We offer black, which is still the highest in Europe. Green, which is increasingly popular and has truly healing effects. We also have a complete delicacy, white tea. The offer also includes other less known species. You can choose loose and portioned and you will surely find your favorite manufacturer. The offer is varied and ready for your diverse tastes!
Diverse tastes, beneficial effects!

Diversity belongs to life. Variety of tastes, of course. It belongs to life and its tastes are varied. Choose yours and satisfy all your tastes!

Furniture has been designed from the very beginning with the greatest possible regard to the customer, ie to you. We have a wide range of quality furniture. In our offer you will find living walls, hallways, bedrooms and many other furniture.

You can buy all the furniture in our online shop at affordable prices. We offer our customers quality at reasonable prices. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Nice Furniture

Take a look at our website and enjoy a wide range of quality and nice furniture. We look forward to your furniture order in our online store.

Send on useless goods

What prevents you from trying out our free advertising.  In today's flood of advertisements we are a beacon for anyone who doesn't know which site to choose for their advertising.  You always have the certainty that as many people as possible will see your ad and you will soon receive the first answers.  Such free advertising will come in handy.

We work with our customers communicate and always try to respond as flexibly as possible to questions and other responses from them.  In this way we achieve the highest quality of services and the highest satisfaction of these customers.  Take advantage of our free advertising service and sell anything or buy anything.
Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

Free advertising that you will only meet with us is a guarantee of quality and satisfaction at the highest level.  Take a look at us and advertise cheerfully.

Our services are very important

Public or your own is always a very problematic maintenance issue and also concerns the repair. Our company offers sewer repairs, inspections and also occasional preventive maintenance. It is always worthwhile to keep the sewage system as clean as possible for a variety of reasons.

Make it so that your drain is always clean and intact. We can do this without any problems and we have very favorable prices for services and materials. Better get advice from experienced sewage specialists and do not let yourself go to any major events unless you are forged.
Our services are very important

Keeping the sewers functional is a very important thing, and the work that is done in this way is very meritorious, although they are often not so pleasant.

Vinyl flooring

Reconstructing an apartment?  Can't you decide what floor is right for you?  Let us introduce you commonly known as PVC – made of polyvinyl chloride.  They are flexible yet strong enough.  In case of dropping any item these synthetic floors are not chipped which you will appreciate especially before the kitchen unit.

Other benefits include moisture resistance so it is advisable to use vinyl floors in the bathroom or toilet and scratch resistance for example if we have a pet at home.  Vinyl floors are available in many designs and colors faithfully imitating not only tiles but also parquet stone or corrugated sheets.

Wide use

Vinyl flooring absorbs sound well and has thermal insulation properties can also have anti-static or anti-slip finishes making it usable not only in the home but also in very stressed areas eg hotels or hospitals.