Vinyl flooring

Replacing old floor coverings is an easy and affordable way to look at your home from a new angle.

Vinyl flooring is an impressive imitation of classic wood which is appreciated in price.  The appearance of the natural raw material while the basic substance for production is polyvinyl chloride so sometimes they are referred to as synthetic linoleum.  However not only wood design offers Vinyl flooring.  If you long for decorating stone tiles glass tiles cork corrugated metal or chipped stone everything is possible.  The appearance of the required materials is achieved using a special modern 3D technology.  Without worry this type of surface can also be laid in the kitchen and bathroom.  It has moisture and water resistance.
Wide use

Vinyl flooring can be laid not only in the home but also in more exposed spaces.  They can withstand damage dust and are absolutely safe for their anti-slip surface.

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